Journal of Hate Studies

Here’s the introduction to White Nationalism Revisited: Demographic Dystopia and White Identity Politics (2010) . In: The Journal of Hate Studies.

Two stimuli, both dating to 2002, drove me to write this paper. The first (and by far the more visceral) was my attendance at the biannual conference of American Renaissance (AR)—the flagship publication of the sector of the American far right considered herein. The conference was held in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Herndon, Virginia, and it reflected this demographic. It was attended by some 250 mostly well-dressed, mostly middle-aged white men—along with a smattering of women—a number of whom held advanced degrees of one flavor or another. There is nothing too surprising in this: the ignorant redneck stereotype of the racist right has always been more hopeful polemic than reality. Unfortunately, doctrinaire racists come in all income and education brackets. If bigots with Ph.D.s are nothing new, I still walked away from the conference convinced that I had seen an important new trend in what I will call American white nationalism.

While being ethically partisan is surely racist and bigoted (read: morally bad) from the perspective of Liberal universalism, that is, totalitarian pan humanism — and perhaps from the perspective of self-serving non-European particularism, in what common sense is it bigoted and racist (read: morally bad)? As so many have pointed out, the pan-humanists managed a clever trick. They sold the idea of racism (that is, being hostile to and anti-X,Y,or Z race-ism) and turn it into racism (that is, having a sense of race, specifically W-race).

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5 Responses to Journal of Hate Studies

  1. JL says:

    Journal of Hate Studies?! Now I’ve seen everything.

  2. statsquatch says:

    Totalitarian Pan-humanism. I like it. This is a good article. I think it is an error to think that HBD or a rejection of Totalitarian Pan-humanism is an ideology per se but the following is a good description of something but not white nationalism:

    “The main reason black people today are plagued by such high incidence
    of criminal violence, out-of-wedlock births, poor school performance,
    and AIDS is rooted in their differential genetic endowment. The process
    of human evolution, as it has adapted to different ecological circumstances,
    has produced, they contend, a distinct racial hierarchy in terms of
    innate intelligence, the ability to delay gratification, to control emotions,
    and to plan for the future. (Swain 2002, 18)”

    • Chuck says:

      Re: the HH. I added a new section on intelligence correlates and included something about an IQ gene:

      “As for alleles that are associated with intelligence, two SNPs of DTNBP1 (rs1018381 and rs2619522) have consistently been found to influence general cognitive ability (109); the frequencies of these alleles vary by regional ancestry.”

      Aren’t you supposed to be adding to this?

  3. statsquatch says:

    I am not sure what or where add material it is a complicated document. What do you want to add? I could add a few more gene references.

  4. Sophia says:

    Perhaps the problem isn’t pan-humanism per se but a phony pan-humanism which dishonestly serves Jewish supremacists and shabbos goyim while crippling the rest of humanity.

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