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Updated and moved that HH stuff to Stuff Liberal People Hate.

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Journal of Hate Studies

Here’s the introduction to White Nationalism Revisited: Demographic Dystopia and White Identity Politics (2010) . In: The Journal of Hate Studies. Two stimuli, both dating to 2002, drove me to write this paper. The first (and by far the more … Continue reading

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Asians and Motor Vehicle Theft

Over at Celebrate Diversity, Sagat posted about American’s most dangerous cities. In his surreptitious manner, he implied that there might be a link between ethnic composition and crime. I decided to investigate. Indeed, it seems that % Asians significantly correlates … Continue reading

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Sociobiology, National Culture, and the Technological Sophistication of Nations

I found this passage interesting: It is also clear that national culture is a predictor of technological achievement, adding incrementally to the variance in patenting activity explained by national IQ. First, nations whose social structure is hierarchical generate less technical … Continue reading

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Updated Race-SAT-SES graph

[Note: refer to SES and the gap: It’s worse than that for new and better looking graphs.] [Note: the number found in the JBHE don’t add up, but the trend across SES is correct; I’ll try to find better data … Continue reading

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