A Giant and some Dwarves: Anticulturalism and the handling of Western Man

Repost. Nietzsche’s pregnant tale and the Culture of critique (my translation):

“My brothers,” said the oldest dwarf, we are in danger. “I understand the mannerisms of this Giant; this great big fellow feels like doing his thing. When this number one takes a number ones, we will be eliminated; for when a giant takes a leak, we have a great flood. And I need not speak of what other horrible element we will be drowning in.”

“Problem,” said the second dwarf, “how does one keep a number one, from taking a number one.”

“Problem,” said the third dwarf, “how does one keep a Big Shit from being a Big Shit.”

“I thank you,” answered the oldest dwarf, in a dignified tone. “In so characterizing the problem as a twofold desire, the solution has become clear.”

“We must frighten him,” said the fourth dwarf.
“We must tickle him,” said the fifth dwarf.
“We must bite his toes,” said the sixth.”

“And we must do so all in union,” decided the oldest. “I see we have raised our low standing. This Great One will not piss all over us.”

The dwarves had a little problem. A Giant. And that Giant was double trouble, because giants do what giants do — and nature is such that when a number 1 and number 2 is done it falls on whatever is below. The Dwarves came up with a brilliant solution. Realizing that their problem was dual in nature, they realized that the solution was too: They needed to double the Great Guy in two by, first, splitting him from his Greatness and the natural externalities of this and, second, by teaching the Big Guy to identify with his big messes and feel not so great about being what he is.

I’ll leave it at that. Obviously, in our case, a disproportionate amount of Jews played the role of Zwergen. Of course, they weren’t alone. In any event, they all did their frightening, tickling, and biting to “refigure whiteness in antiracist, antihomophobic, and antisexist ways.” They disconnected the Greatness of the West from its nature, cultural or otherwise, and highlighted the largeness of the shit that this Big Oaf-civilization produced. The stupid fellows thereof have since been ashamed of being themselves — and are terrified at the thought of starting to do so.

So lehre ich sie, ihren Koth lassen und Götter werden.”
— Nietzsche

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