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Totalitarian Pan-Humanism

Anti-race-ism is totalitarian pan-humanism. As Lawrence Auster recently pointed out, it’s determined to invade even mythical worlds. Why is Anti-race-ism tolerated?

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Metamorphosis of Spirit

Sources for the Metamorphosis: the Ages of Man and the three metamorphoses of spirit Zarathustra tells how it is that the human spirit, overcoming morality, becomes a sumpter, a predator, and a quasihuman redeemer, a culminating jester representing our second … Continue reading

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The geography of thought

In The geography of thought: how Asians and westerners think differently– and why, Richards Nisbett dismantles the universalist pretension that all peoples think alike and demolishes the radical environmentalist claim that differences in geography alone explains different historic paths. Recently, … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Biology: Where did all the Liberals Go?

In moral philosophy, ideas are frequently investigated through hypothetical considerations. Through hypotheticals, we are forced to confront contradictory implications. Ideas are tested against the manifold of our dispositions. Most people have heard variants of this one: As before, a trolley … Continue reading

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Modus Vivendi Liberalism and the Right

Over at Alternative Right, Jim Kalb and others frequently argue for a return to traditionalism. I think it would be more effective to simply argue for a return to Liberalism. (From a purely pragmatic perspective, you simply are not going … Continue reading

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A Giant and some Dwarves: Anticulturalism and the handling of Western Man

Repost. Nietzsche’s pregnant tale and the Culture of critique (my translation): “My brothers,” said the oldest dwarf, we are in danger. “I understand the mannerisms of this Giant; this great big fellow feels like doing his thing. When this number … Continue reading

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Atavistic Right

I affiliate with the so-called Alternative Right because I find “progressivism,” with its liberal perfectionism, perverted inverted Christianity, and totalitarian pan-humanism to be an affront to my philosophical and spiritual sensibilities. And the Tim Wises and Noel Ingnatievs of the … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Biology

Over at Intersecting Processes: complexity & change in environment, biomedicine & society, Pete Taylor has a few cogent posts on the issue of Human Biodiversity. He offers some thoughtful meditations on Neven Sesardic’s Race: A Social Destruction of a Biological … Continue reading

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Whiter Privilege

In spite of what your typical leftist nutjob argues (1), the abolition of White people and the “restoration of the natural laws of breeding” will not usher in a global egalitarian utopia — it won’t even usher in national “post-racial” … Continue reading

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Gene-Culture Co-evolution

Here’s a good recent article on the subject. Laland, Odling-Smee, Myles, 2010. How culture shaped the human genome: bringing genetics and the human sciences together Abstract | Researchers from diverse backgrounds are converging on the view that human evolution has … Continue reading

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