In the News and other Finds

In the News

LA times, It’s diverse if you’re liberal
Diversity means color not viewpoints.

Berreby,“Overpopulation” Talk Is Pandering to Prejudice.
Argumentum ad hitlerium, talking about population control is bad because it makes people think about their population.

Eberstadt, The Global Poverty Paradox
The mystery of Global inequality.

Seed, A radical explanation for a conundrum about extraterrestrial life.
Video game addiction prevents aliens from leaving their solar system.

Nytimes, Closing the Racial Gap in education.

Nature News, 1000 Genomes Project reveals human variation
The growing science of variation.

MailOnline, Oxford University under fire after admitting only one black Caribbean student during academic year
It never ends or why I say what I say.

Pajamas Media, Israel Debates ‘Loyalty Oath’ for Naturalized Citizens
Jewish nationalism faces off with Jewish Liberalism.

Newsweek, Sins of the Grandfathers.
The hope of Epigenetics

WSJ, The Other ‘G’ Spot
Another crack in the wall. Spearman’s G, a biological reality.

Sowell, The Multicultural Cult
A cult indeed.

Weissberg, Destroying Schools to Achieve Racial Justice

Boston Globe, Johnny has two mommies – and four dads
I believe this was part of Sesardic’s point in defense of the augment for straight marriage.

Christian Science Monitor, Banned Books Week: 5 books almost anyone might want to ban
Author argues that Lynn’s Global Bell Curve should be banned. Refer here, but also here.

The Maverick Philosopher, Can Federalism Save us.
Politics and ideological diversity.

Evo and Proud, Did human evolution accelerate?
Sociopolitics of science — Note Hapending’s comment. Funny, no one seems to mind science being used to push leftist ideas.

Derbyshire, The Openness of Liberals
The right-wing spin on the “liberal gene.”


Moore, Nietzsche, Biology, and Metaphor
A nice discussion of the evolutionary zeitgeist in 18th century Germany.

Bernasconi, Lee, et al., 2000. The idea of Race
Historical taxonomic and other conceptions of Race — Berneir, Voltaire, Kant, Herder, Blumenback, Hegel, Gobineau, Darwin, Galton, etc.

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