Still some hope

If it wasn’t for the sanity of some of the commenters, I wouldn’t bother reading op eds. Say, like this piece: A ‘new deal’ is needed on refugees. Four-fifths of all refugees eke out a living in the developing world – the west must do more to carry its share of the burden

To which a voice of reason replies:

There was a time when over population was regarded as the main threat facing us but that went out of fashion when it was black and brown people who were having too many. Then, people like you used that as an excuse to bring them all here and of course Blair, Brown, et al saw it as an opportunity to get a few ignorant people to vote for them as they had lost confidence in the native white people to keep voting for them especially as the middle classes were becoming more populous.

Well, if you are using this article to encourage us in the Western world to take a few million more semi-literate peasants to live on our welfare system – forget it. Focus on bribing third world governments like that in Sudan, chad, etc. to stop stealing aid, cut government control, create free markets and distribute condoms for free.

The nice thing about a future White European ethnostate, founded in the midst of Global Multiculturaldom, is that it will be easy to kick out every last liberal, leftist, communist, and other undesirable.

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