Why do Jews Succeed?

Speaking of group organization and performance:

Burstein, 2006. Jewish Education and economic success in the united states: A search for an explanation.

Jews are much more successful economically and educationally than other ethnic, racial, and religious groups in the United States. This article asks why. It begins with a description of how well Jews do and then presents four potential explanations: human capital, Jewish particularity, marginality, and social capital. Most work attempting to explain Jews’ success tests human capital explanations. They account for much of Jews’ success but leave much unexplained as well. Researchers speculate about the possible importance of the other explanations but have done very little research to test them. It is suggested that little research has been done because of social scientists’ lack of interest in successful groups, lack of data, and Jews’ anxiety about possible findings. The basics of a research agenda are set forth.

It’s nice to see that we’ve moved beyond the “God keeps it in the family” explanation.

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