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In the News and other Finds

In the News LA times, It’s diverse if you’re liberal Diversity means color not viewpoints. Berreby,“Overpopulation” Talk Is Pandering to Prejudice. Argumentum ad hitlerium, talking about population control is bad because it makes people think about their population. Eberstadt, The … Continue reading

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Gotcha! — Leftist HBD

If you have noticed over the past few years Liberal/Leftists have been pushing an anti-conservative HBD. It’s not uncommon to see Gotcha! articles like this: Researchers have discovered that the “liberal gene” opens you up to new ideas and alternative … Continue reading

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Still some hope

If it wasn’t for the sanity of some of the commenters, I wouldn’t bother reading op eds. Say, like this piece: A ‘new deal’ is needed on refugees. Four-fifths of all refugees eke out a living in the developing world … Continue reading

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Empirical Fickleness, Philosophical Superficiality

Jack Donovan has a good post over at Alternative Right. He discusses the fickleness of science in relation to identity and values, asking: How many worldviews did this Truth of yesterday subtly — or dramatically — alter? How many of … Continue reading

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Why do Jews Succeed?

Speaking of group organization and performance: Burstein, 2006. Jewish Education and economic success in the united states: A search for an explanation. Jews are much more successful economically and educationally than other ethnic, racial, and religious groups in the United … Continue reading

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Righteous Human Biological Diversity

While I find the subject of group organization and performance, and with it, differential performance, to be fascinating, I tend not to find behavior genetics so — at least when it comes to humans. To the extent I do find … Continue reading

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Epigenetics, Neo-Lysenkoisianism, and the New Cultural Wars

“[A]n ideology that tacitly appeals to biological equality as a condition for human emancipation corrupts the idea of freedom Moreover, it encourages decent men to tremble at the prospect of ‘inconvenient’ findings that may emerge in future scientific research ” … Continue reading

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The C-factor of Groups

I have pointed out numerous times that group behavior, whether ethnic or otherwise, is gestaltian. It is organic. It can not be reduced to the sum of the individual members’ behaviors or talents. Generally, I am suspicious of people who … Continue reading

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