Interpretation in Philosophy and Politics

A typical Nytimes article, Racial Disparity in School Suspensions, which discussed an obvious disparity:

School authorities also suspended Hispanic and American Indian middle school students at higher rates than white students, though not at such disproportionate rates as for black children, the study found. Asian students were less likely to be suspended than whites.

And ignores the obvious sex disparity.

With the typical Black-White, implied Institutional Racism interpretation:

Among the students attending one of the 9,220 middle schools in the study sample, 28 percent of black boys and 18 percent of black girls, compared with 10 percent of white boys and 4 percent of white girls, were suspended in 2006, the study found.

Because implying an endogenous etiology would be beyond the pale.

But which could be interpreted in an atypical, individual differences and evolutionary psychology way. For example, due to cognitive adaption, such as those evident in the dopenergic System.

And given a positive spin, by saying that Men and African-Americans are less domesticated than Women and Asians. In the sense of Genetic Pacification

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