The Jewish Problem — And Ours: Part 1

“There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief…Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”
Dylan, All Along The Watch Tower

Individuals often think in essentialist terms; they reify differences. When compounded with Group-thinking, this can lead to a reification of attributes, to an ‘us and them’ separated by rather darkly drawn circles. Ethnic groups, at times, do this. And this can lead to rather unfortunate interethnic relations, and to further reification, and to darker circles, and to more misfortunes.

Misfortunes of this nature, tend to give impetus to the Cultural Liberal and Cultural Marxist view. Potentially, all ethnic groups can give expression to Cultural Libertarian, Cultural Liberal, and Cultural Marxist views. What is common between these views is that they represent a detachment from ethnic group identity, or being a people traditionally understood; what is uncommon is that Liberals and Marxists are, nonetheless, groupish, in their own particular fashion. Unsurprisingly, liberals and Cultural Marxists almost religiously engage in their own group reification; the former thinks in terms of enlightened ‘us’ and barbaric ‘them,’ the latter thinks in terms of an righteous ‘us’ and wicked ‘them.’ Both see ethnic hostility and interethnic reification and think that the way out of this is through the elimination of ethnic identity and the formation of a new progressive form of group identity.

New progressive form of group identity, now, is something that most members of that ancient ethnos do not embrace; if they did, they would not be members; but many act as if they did. Why? Many Jews have a particular hostility to or phobia of European-Christians, given prior interethnic relations and their own reifications; obviously, the degree to which they demonstrate this, testifies that they are not, themselves, Liberal or Cultural-Marxist, let alone culturally libertarian. Of these, a significant number have engaged in either outright hypokrisis or a sort of mauvaise foi and tapped into the Liberal and Cultural Marxist sentiment of Europeans; and they have also been fairly good at establishing an exceptionalist status for themselves and potential allies; this is, in part, why Liberalism and Cultural Marxism is framed in terms of European supremacism and co-exists nicely with multiculturalism and celebrating other ethnic diversity, including their own type.

Their own type, now, is something we like a lot. We like our ethnicity. And we appreciate Jews who like theirs. We are, after all, pro-ethnic. And we are fine with persons who feel that post-ethnicism is right for them. We think this is a personal choice. As it is, it has been made less than personal. So it’s time to stop speaking falsely; Hypokrisis and mauvaise foi is tiresome. But of course, doing this seems to support and reinforce the Liberal and Cultural Marxist view and give impetus to the later’s sense of mission. There of course, must be some way out of this.

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