Taking Reparations Seriously — Or Not

It’s hard to take the reparation meme seriously because Liberal-Leftists frame it and because it makes no sense given their system of thought. When not just an incoherent mash of all political opportunism anti-European, the Liberal-Leftist mental system is post-ethnic; it doesn’t take ethnicity seriously and any celebration of diversity is vacuous and duplicitous.

For discussions of Reparations to make coherent sense, either a Libertarian approach would be needed OR individuals would have to be understood collectively, in terms of groups — otherwise, we are not talking group justice but socialism, in which case we are not talking about achieving justice but mandating material equality. As for the Libertarian and group approach — the latter would not get what is wanted. And the former presupposes a non-antiracist frame.

Listen to Godwin Liu’s justification for reparations. He says: reparations is needed to 1) make things right 2) given a collective sense of responsibility. This means seeing African-Americans collectively, in the group-think sense, and seeing the US collectively, in the group-think sense. Well, if they are going to be seen collectively, and justice needs to be done to their collective good, then if follows that it’s valid for European to to see themselves collectively and look out for their collective good. And that’s not going to fly in the liberal-left.

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