Liberal-Conservative Mauvaise Foi on Culture; Liberal-leftist on Race

To put off the moment indefinitely, even as it passes, to live in a state of self-deception, a state of factual-unrecognition. That is Bad Faith.

Given that culture is rooted in people, either you will substantially change a culture by changing the people or you will prevent the substantial change of the culture by preventing the change of the people. Pretending that you can conserve a culture or ‘values’ without being illiberal is an act of Bad Faith. Accept the alternatives, choose a side, and advocate. If you are called ‘racist’ for being particular, then so you are called.

To pretend that all groups, or aggregate members therein, are equally adapt at all things and then to go about constructing a society which presumes the contrary is the Liberal Mauvaise Foi of the day. We see it again here. Liberals want a meritocratic society in which all groups naturally do equally well. And when factuality conflicts with this want, they engage in evasion.

Given the ethnoracial diversity in this country and given that groups don’t perform equally well on every given task and that they don’t do so for various endogenous reasons one must ultimately choose between either one of two inequalities. Either persons will not be treated equally or not all peoples will be equally represented. Pretending that such differences are due to racism or re-branding racism to mean that which results in such differences is an act of Bad Faith. Accept the possibilities, evaluate them, and decide.

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