Cultural Marxism and “European Ethnic Identity is Bad”

The anti-racist meme these days is that European ethnic identity is, ipso facto, BAD, while non-European ethnic identity is GOOD. According to the logic, European identity, given that it presupposes ethnic solidarity, is Wrong because it’s associated with maintaining power. Here is Tim Wise’s reasoning:

But for members of groups that have not been subordinated to “think with their skin” or their racial identity is quite a bit different, and more problematic. For dominant group members to engage in racial bonding only makes sense as a way to maintain dominance. It can’t be about “getting a piece of the pie,” since such persons already have access to it, and pieces galore; rather, it has to be about preventing others from getting theirs, from taking parts of the pie to which the dominant group had come to feel entitled. It is not to seek a place at the table, but to seek to secure the table you already have from the intrusion of others. White bonding, in other words, amounts to racism because it is redundant: it amounts to having those who are already largely in control, secure that control in perpetuity. It results in the maintenance of racial inequity, unequal opportunity and massive disparities in access and life chances. Black and brown bonding, on the other hand, is about gaining access, securing a spot, and collectively lifting up members of subordinated communities to a place where they can compete as equals with those who have always been in charge.

Accordingly, (a) ethnic identity is just a means by which individuals maintain power, status, and influence (and not, say, preserve an ethnic heritage), and (b) it’s wrong for some individuals to have more power, status, and influence than others. It follows then that it’s wrong for high power, status, and influential individuals to have an ethnic identity. To sum up, anti-racism is Marxism in the form of cultural critique; securing equal outcomes is the goal.

(Wise, of course. is an ethnically identifying Jew — an ethnic group which largely thinks with its genes and which, needless to say, is rather well-to-do.)

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