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Taking some time off. Back in a couple of Weeks.

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Rindermann: The Intelligence of Nations

When Lynn and Van Vanhanen’s “IQ and the Wealth of Nations’” came out, it was dismissed by many and, not unexpectedly, it received a number of hostile reviews. As Lynn notes: These national IQs have evoked both interest and criticism. … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Whiteness of the Irish

From: Historiographical Discussion: If the Irish Weren’t Becoming White, What Were They Doing All those Years? John F. McClymer “Passing from Light into Dark,” I hope, will serve to deepen and complicate the ongoing scholarly conversation about race, ethnicity, acculturation, … Continue reading

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Scientific Fundamentalism

In science, is it truth at all costs? According to Satoshi Kanazawa, yes. If the truth offends, it’s our job to offend Even though some of my colleagues disagree with me, I maintain an extremely purist stance on science. I … Continue reading

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Never Again, Gentile Nationalism

“The European project was inspired by the injunction “never again”. Never again would European nations allow virulent and competitive nationalism to tear them apart as they had done in two disastrous wars. Never again would the fate of minorities be … Continue reading

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The Neosocialist Agenda

Lakeoff correctly sees that mass conservatives don’t have a vision, and given this, their values can be used to protect a progressive status quo, once it’s established. “The Obama Code” Lakeoff “What they miss is the Obama Code. For the … Continue reading

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China, Lysenkoism, and the Future of Behavior Genetics

From Plomin, Haworth, and Davis, 2007. Genetics of Learning Abilities and Disabilities: Recent Developments from the UK and Possible Directions for Research in China The birth of behavioral genetics in China at this time is especially poignant in the context … Continue reading

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Interpretation in Philosophy and Politics

A typical Nytimes article, Racial Disparity in School Suspensions, which discussed an obvious disparity: School authorities also suspended Hispanic and American Indian middle school students at higher rates than white students, though not at such disproportionate rates as for black … Continue reading

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As lesson on Causal Models

Gottfredson, L. S. (in press). Intelligence and social inequality: Why the biological link? (Inheriting a low biological disposition for intelligence disposes individuals to problematic social behaviors and low achievement, which results in low SES) Nettle, D. (2010). Dying young and … Continue reading

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Always Lurking in the Background

“Institutional Racism” The words affirmative action do not appear in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the foundation document for contemporary human rights discourse. The declaration does, however, contain two intellectual anchors for affirmative action. First, the declaration repeatedly … Continue reading

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