Taking Reparations Seriously — Or Not

It’s hard to take the reparation meme seriously because Liberal-Leftists frame it and because it makes no sense given their system of thought. When not just an incoherent mash of all political opportunism anti-European, the Liberal-Leftist mental system is post-ethnic; it doesn’t take ethnicity seriously and any celebration of diversity is vacuous and duplicitous.

For discussions of Reparations to make coherent sense, either a Libertarian approach would be needed OR individuals would have to be understood collectively, in terms of groups — otherwise, we are not talking group justice but socialism, in which case we are not talking about achieving justice but mandating material equality. As for the Libertarian and group approach — the latter would not get what is wanted. And the former presupposes a non-antiracist frame.

Listen to Godwin Liu’s justification for reparations. He says: reparations is needed to 1) make things right 2) given a collective sense of responsibility. This means seeing African-Americans collectively, in the group-think sense, and seeing the US collectively, in the group-think sense. Well, if they are going to be seen collectively, and justice needs to be done to their collective good…and that’s not going to fly in the liberal-left mind, so conceived.

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