Another Heretic is Born

From I on the world’s Weblog:

After watching the truly execrable Channel 4 series of programs ‘Race, the last taboo…’ I was inspired to do some reading into race and hate crime statistics. I’ll rip Rageh Omar a new one over the show on race and IQ at a later date (it was shamelessly biased and very nearly dishonest in places), but for now I’m studying the myth that ‘racism is something white people do to Asian/black people’, which was pushed on us yet again by the re-hashing of the 70’s brown eye/blue eye experiment. To be truthful I’m fed up with white people being portrayed as the source of all interracial strife by the media.

This involved tracking down a few stats from the race hate crimes ( I found the 2004 figures) and then comparing them to the percentages of which race is living in the UK. At the moment our population is…

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