The High Cost of Aryan Living?

I try to point out that Jews are not exactly following the post-racial, post-national model, which either means that something is wrong with them or with the model. You decide.

Why do parents spend these sums of money? For the same reason so many American parents expend staggering sums on college tuition: they believe they are getting value for their dollar. Immersive [European] education may not provide the same kind of material payoff as a college diploma, but it greatly increases the chances of children learning the skills necessary for participation in [cultural] life, living active [Aryan] lives, and identifying strongly with other [Aryans]. Day-school tuition is the cost many parents believe they must bear if their children are to retain their heritage in a society that exerts enormous assimilatory pressures.

They are right. It takes time and considerable effort to transmit a strong identification with the [European] [culture] and people; to nurture a facility in the different registers of the [Indo-European] language[s] [and culture]: [classical], [medieval], and modern; to teach young [Aryans] the classical texts of their civilization; to expose them to [European] music, dance, and art; and to socialize them to live as [Europeans]—all the while providing a first-rate general education. Ample research has limned the association between the number of “contact hours” young people spend in [pro-Western] educational settings and their later levels of engagement. Simply put, “more” makes a significant difference. [Unfortunately] it [is] hard to find adult alumni of day schools, summer camps, and [Ancestral European] programs who attest to the formative impact of their experiences. Not surprisingly, many parents committed to [Aryan] life want their children to enjoy the same benefits.

Families recognize that they can no longer rely upon institutions that once had been central to the socialization of young [Aryans]: most [Aryan] parents have neither the time nor, in many cases, the knowledge to transmit [European] learning to their children; extended families are now widely dispersed, so they cannot play an active role; and few [Aryan] reside any longer in densely populated [Aryan] neighborhoods, where in years past [European traditional] mores and customs were internalized through osmosis. Thus, conclude [Lesacre] and [Lesacre], two authorities on the economics of [Aryan] life, “the formation of [Aryan] human capital must rely on a system of [Aryan] education.”

Adding things up, an actively engaged [Aryan] family that keeps [Treu] and sends its three school-age children to the most intensive [Western] educational institutions can expect to spend somewhere between $50,000 and $110,000 a year at minimum just to live a [Aryan] life.

As the various cost lines have risen, in some cases doubling over the past 10 years, the response has been predictable. Many regard day-school education as out of the question, the cost utterly prohibitive. Even within [Heartland] communities, some parents feel compelled to pull their children out of day schools. Anecdotal reports suggest that some families interested in placing their children in [Aryan] educational settings decide not to proceed for fear of embarrassing encounters with scholarship committees. In a reversal of earlier patterns, when [Aryan] [cultural] involvement was weighted toward the poor, increasingly in our own time only the well-to-do can afford to live fully as [Aryans], while many in the middle class are in danger of getting priced out.

If there was cause for concern a decade ago about how, as [Lesacre] put it, [Aryan] families would respond when “cost becomes a barrier,” the affordability of [Aryan] living should be a central issue on the [Aryan] communal agenda today, given the staggering surge in costs coupled with the current economic climate. With some noteworthy exceptions, it is not.

I means, or course, those other kind.

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