White Nationalism: A movement in need of revision

The current model of white nationalism, or being a Westerner, is a visceral parochialism based on a vague historic identity and a theory on genetic interest. Together this makes it nationalism, in the sense of a “being part of a people.” This in an antiquated model on two accounts: first, it can easily be manipulated; second, it does not run with the grain of the modern world.

With regards to the first, the cultural marxists have demonstrated how vulnerable this approach is. Simply by eradicating any sense of historic peopleness and demonizing any sense of genetic based preference, Marxists have largely reduced Westerners to persons of fair complexion with a visceral parochialism for whomever they are nearest. With enforced integration policies, the culture marxists have largely turned this visceral parochialism into an anti-White Nationalist bonding.

Many Westerner correctly sense that this situation will leads to the death of their people. This is why many are white nation-statists. Others preach genetic interests and a few speak of classical Western identity. These approaches, of course, fail to take into account the modern world, that is, the problem of liberalism, which is a distinct problem related to modernism. It is for this reason that a nationalism based on a visceral parochialism with a vague or not so vague historic identity and a theory of genetic interest is doomed.

Modernism: the world event which has lead to increased Affluence + globalism, which undermine local interest and parochial altruism and which promotes individualism and cosmopolitan association.

You can not fight the above. Rather, you must work with it. The first step is to realize that modernism is not liberal-progressivism, where liberal-progressivism means:
1. Liberalism: a) the event of humans seeing themselves as individual autonomous agents who choose their identities. b) the idea that it’s uniquely good for each individual to decided their own individualized life path.
2. Progressivism: the idea that inclusive group identities are uniquely good and exclusive ones are bad.

3. Liberal-progressivism: the ideology that national, exclusive,group identities are bad and that it’s good for individuals to form inclusive group identities.

The the second is to realize that there are two concepts of liberalism. Both revolve around the notion of a person as an individual. There is liberalism as an event or ways of relating (seeing oneself as an autonomous agent) and there is liberalism as an identity. To some extent, liberalism both as a ways of relating and identity represents a polarity. (It was born along with nationalism and Marxism out of the decline of Christendom). And it is clear that this view is fundamentally flawed. Regardless liberalism as an event is a theme of our times. As such it needs to be worked with as that collectivism called Socialism does. It calls itself Liberal-Progressivism. As such:

White Nationalists must re-envision their group as an exclusive identity in which they, as individuals, participate thereby giving structure to who they are. They must get that mental model in their mind. It is not just a sitting around at the bar with Jack and Joe and the ties that comes from that. It is not a feeling of groupishness or tribalness with Joe. It is not a nostalgic attachment to the past or a rational calculus of genetic similarity. It is an existential act. It is a philosophy, a seeing yourself, and life history, in relation to a transhistoric identity of which only a privileged number of the world’s population has the potential to participate.

Identity isn’t going anywhere. All modernism has done is make identity more of an individual act. The problem with being Western was and largely still is that it involves group consensus. When large amounts of white people identify as liberals or as progressives, as opposed to as Westerns, this consensus breaks down. After what it is to be Western is re-framed, liberalism will be ideologically irrelevant. Liberalism, per se, is no more a critique of nationalism than it is of progressivism. And since the future nationalism will no longer be founded on visceral parochialism, modernism will no longer be an existential threat to it.

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