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What Is The Diversity Lobby?

What is the Diversity Lobby? The ‘Diversity Lobby’ describes a diverse and often antagonistic coalition of groups who seek to influence the US national policy and international policy. The lobby is defined in context of being ‘other than’ what was … Continue reading

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Christianity and the West: Rise and Decline

“This tremendous event is still on its way, still wandering; it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder require time; the light of the stars requires time; deeds, though done, still require time to be seen … Continue reading

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Is Proracial Behavior Racist? — or Just Not Antiracist?

Proracial Behavior Prosocial behaviors are attitudes and actions, whether felt, thought, or expressed, that promote cooperation between individuals. The term prosocial is descriptive, as the cooperative behaviors do not arise from a common etiology, but rather are driven by overlapping … Continue reading

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Thomas Sowell, Endogenous Genetic Group Differences, and more Genetic Essentialism

Sowell has been a longtime critic of the liberal perspective. He recognizes that different groups, however defined, achieve differently and that it’s foolish to try to force everyone onto the same scale. When it comes to Group differences he typically … Continue reading

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Another Heretic is Born

From I on the world’s Weblog: After watching the truly execrable Channel 4 series of programs ‘Race, the last taboo…’ I was inspired to do some reading into race and hate crime statistics. I’ll rip Rageh Omar a new one … Continue reading

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A Non-Anti-Racist Praxis and the Diversity Question

I was reading through Jim Kalb’s essays and I stumbled on this Gem. I find it interesting that many of the thoughts that I came to on this subject ended up as poorly articulated versions of his. Ideas are not … Continue reading

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Taking Reparations Seriously — Or Not

It’s hard to take the reparation meme seriously because Liberal-Leftists frame it and because it makes no sense given their system of thought. When not just an incoherent mash of all political opportunism anti-European, the Liberal-Leftist mental system is post-ethnic; … Continue reading

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2+2=5 says it all With that Gestaltian magic in mind, Yglesias says: Progressives see a positive-sum world and believe in advancing American interests by means of including allowing others to advance their own interests. Progressives recognize the Hobbesian aspects of … Continue reading

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Jared Diamond and the Lactase-Positive Race and Environmentalism

I found this characterization of Jared Diamond’s ‘Lactase-positive Race’ position compelling: Jared Diamond is perhaps the best-known example (Diamond 1994). He maintains that it possible to base a genuine racial division on the basis of invisible features such as possession … Continue reading

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The Jewish Problem

In reply to a commenter, I’m going to characterize why some people, particularly ethnopolitical Europeans, are not on good terms with Ethnopolitical Jews and briefly explain the concerns that such people have. The concerns listed, I believe, are reasonable concerns … Continue reading

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