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Western People in Search of a Name

I. What’s an ethnos? An ethnos is a particular type of social organization; it‘s a group of individuals connected by a shared identity, involving some combination of: genes, language, origin, religion, culture, and history. The relative importance of these factors … Continue reading

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Liberal Media Bias

A “Theoretical model of an anti-white media-social bias“ fitted to popularized media terms “in quotes.” Discussion: The Liberal-Progressive view, as presented in Table 1, conceives of a moral universe in which good and moral (on top) is identified with being … Continue reading

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Celebrating Human Genetic Diversity

In their recent Nature article “Let’s Celebrate Human Genetic Diversity,” Bruce T. Lahn and Lanny Ebenstein argue that human genetic based differences should be explored, not ignored or covered up. While it’s fairly commonplace to maintain that medically significant population … Continue reading

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Western Civilization: The Modern World

Links found here. I was recently asked by a friend why the West, and not the Chinese, birthed the modern world. I was actually somewhat surprised at the question, given that it was coming from an academic liberal. For such … Continue reading

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The Consensus Against Racialism: Practical Sense or Social Narrative?

[Summary: When you break it down, the statement that races are not real most often translates to racial and ethnic differences should not be significant for you. It is not an argument about empirical reality, but about social expectation. The … Continue reading

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Idiot’s Guide to the Hereditarian Hypothesis

Moved here: race, genes, and disparity

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Western Civilization: Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer

Yet frequently the world images which have been created by ideas have, like switchmen, have determined the tracks along which actions have been pushed by dynamics of interest — Max Weber In most classical philosophy, value was tied to existence. … Continue reading

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